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Horse training with a focus on foundational basics for the goal of creating safe, sane, good citizens.


I was blessed to have grown up galloping through the fields and forests of San Juan Island. My grandmother (pictured here) started me on rescue Arabians and natural horsemanship. Then my mom handed me a Mustang and I took an interest in Three Day Eventing. Eventually, with an off the track Thoroughbred, I got to spend some time working in Florida and the upper level eventing barns there. 


And I burnt out. 


I took two years away from the horse world and have come back around with some fresh perspective. 


 I realized that I was tired of seeing horses be failed by their people. Too many talented horses that were pushed too far, too fast, and weren’t given the time they deserved to build good relationships with the world that would last the rest of their lifetime. (This is in no way pointing at the trainers I was fortunate to work with and learn from, but instead at the competitive horse world as a whole). I came to the conclusion that what brings me joy is to help the young horses and the problem horses (and their people!) to find their feet in the world in a healthy and happy way.

About Me

This website (and business!) are still in their early stages. Please stay tuned as it grows with many more things.

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